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YOTTOY has invested a simple elegance and a contemporary feel into the beloved classic fairy-tales of the Ugly Duckling, the Frog Prince, and the Little Monkey. Each of the Fairy Tales soft toys comes with a mini-book that we lovingly authored and illustrated. All three figures are made of specially designed fabrics of dupioni silk and richly colored chenilles, making these soft toys a perfect addition to any child's or toy aficionado's collection.

YOTTOY Fairy Tales Gift Wrapped

YOTTOY's Fairy Tales Collection comes complete with all three characters and mini-books, all beautifully packaged in a colorful gift bag with daffodil yellow tissue, a bright green satin ribbon and hand-written personalized YOTTOY gift card to give a long lasting impression.

Item #5234

The Frog Prince Soft Toy and Mini-Book 10"

Just a kiss away from being a handsome prince, our Frog Prince has large embroidered eyes, hand-stitched details, a grinning mouth, and a crisp, silk gingham pattern with polka dots on his chest. An emerald-green body and graceful fingers and toes are the finishing touches on our monarch-in-waiting. And, of course, no Frog Prince would be complete without a golden crown!

Item #383

The Little Monkey Soft Toy and Mini-Book 11"

Our inquisitive and mischievous Little Monkey has a shock of snow-white hair, a sparkling chenille body, and velvet fingers, toes, chin, and face. This little scamp has embroidered eyes and hand-stitched details on his nose, hands, and feet. A shimmering, colorful silk shantung chest, copper-colored body, and long, curly tail are the finishing touches to this one-of-a-kind tree swinger.

Item 384

The Ugly Duckling Soft Toy and Mini-Book 7"

Our Ugly Duckling is a stunning creation with a shimmering, plush chenille body and wings, a satin grosgrain bill, and a silk shantung chest of orange, violet, peach, and blue pastels. Our favorite fowl also features webbed feet of deep red-orange, a lavender-ice colored coat, tiny "duckling" wings, and embroidered eyes. The hand-stitched modeling on his face captures his innocence and curiosity.

Item #382

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