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These adorable, vibrant Biddle soft toys, full of personality, are inspired by the artwork of David Kirk, the creator of the acclaimed Miss Spider books and animated series. YOTTOY's colorful Biddles are hand designed rich shimmering velvet creations with velboa accents. Hand-stitched paws, feet and faces, securely fastened sparkling eyes and dozens of little details make them so endearing. These five characters, collected as a set, are irresistible to hug, inspire the imagination and warm the heart.

Little Biddles Gift Pack

YOTTOY's Little Biddles Gift Set comes complete with our 4" Biddle Kitty, 4" Biddle Bird, 4" Biddle Bunny, 4" Biddle Mouse, 4" Biddle Beast, and 4" Biddle Pig. All are beautifully packaged in our colorful gift bag with daffodil yellow tissue, a bright green satin ribbon, and hand-written personalized YOTTOY gift card to give a long lasting impression.

Item #5217

Biddle Beast

The monster who's afraid of monsters, Biddle Beast is ready to peek out from under the bed and show off his flocked nose and embroidered details.

Little Biddle Beast Soft Toy 4"
Item #364

Biddle Bird

An eager baby bird that follows her mother's advice to only snack on things that are smaller than her, Biddle Bird boasts embroidered wings and a powder-blue head plume.

Little Biddle Bird Soft Toy 4"
Item #361

Biddle Bunny

Biddle Bunny is ready to end her winter hibernation, explore the meadow for the first time and show off her flocked nose, soft whiskers, green satin ribbon, and plush tail.

Little Biddle Bunny Soft Toy 4"
Item #365

Biddle Kitty

Searching everywhere for a quiet place to take a nap, Biddle Kitty's long whiskers, velvet green ribbon and perky tail are sure to win her the choice spot in the house... and in your heart.

Little Biddle Kitty Soft Toy 4"
Item #366

Biddle Mouse

A big-hearted mouse foraging up a feast for his family, Biddle Mouse has an adorable satin nose, ticklish whiskers, bright pink ears and long tail.

Little Biddle Mouse Soft Toy 4"
Item #363

Biddle Pig

With a satin nose, hand-embroidered details, and big beaming eyes, Biddle Pig is pretty and proud of it - so much that her pride almost prevented her from playing in a puddle!

Little Biddle Pig Soft Toy 4"
Item #362

Little Mouse Biddle Mouse Hardcover Book


Item #54335

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