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Each of these pint-sized puppets, made of durable shiny vinyl with iridescent embroidered-on spots, has a belly of two layers of shiny ribbed fabric creating a pocket for smaller hands or bigger fingers to make these mini monsters move! With a combination of velvet arms and legs, dazzling securely-fastened plastic eyes, zipper details, metallic horns and embroidered fins and collars, these pocket sized fossilized friends, now as playroom puppets, will rule the land once more!

Pre-Historic Play Pack

Dinosaurs will rule the land once more with YOTTOY's Pre-Historic Play Pack! Comes complete with our award-winning 14" Spinosaurus, 7.5" Stegosaurus, 8" Tyrannosaurus Rex, 7" Triceratops and 8" Apatosaurus. All are beautifully packaged in our colorful gift bag with daffodil yellow tissue, a bright green satin ribbon and hand-written personalized YOTTOY gift card to give a long lasting impression.

Item #5216

Spinosaurus 14"

This latest find unearthed by archaeologists, has a back fin made of zipper lined reflective vinyl. Check out his body made of orange soft shiny vinyl with reflective spots, white chunky zipper teeth and velvet legs!

Item #355

Spinosaurus 8"

A fin of reflective safety vinyl and a soft shiny orange vinyl body with reflective spots are all held high on velvet legs. With a double-layer pocket belly and white chunky zipper teeth, this Jurassic classic defies extinction any time soon!

Item #378

Tyrannosaurus Rex 8"

This all-time favorite dinosaur has a fire engine red, shiny vinyl coat, red velvet arms and legs, and a chunky white zipper for teeth. His double-layer pocket belly lets him lead the pack!

Item #375

Stegosaurus 7.5"

This sleek reptile sports metallic-silver tail spikes and fins made of folded nylon webbing. His soft shiny vinyl body, reflective spots and double-layer pocket belly, rest on four velvet legs.

Item #374

Apatosaurus 8"

This classic gentle giant boasts reflective spots and a body made of green soft shiny vinyl. His double-layer pocket belly and four soft velvet legs keep him ready for play.

Item #377

Triceratops 7"

This solid fellow has three shiny vinyl horns and a cool, reflective vinyl collar. Four velvet legs hold steady his shiny blue vinyl body. Check out his reflective spots and double-layer pocket belly.

Item #376

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