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Get Ready for a Pigeon-Guided Tour of the Kennedy Center!

Posted on 26 October 2021

In this exciting augmented reality experience, The Pigeon shows you HIS version of the many fascinating locations around the Kennedy Center. But does he know what he is talking about? Or does he need YOUR help to figure out what’s real and what’s made up?

There are two tour options to choose from that can be accessed below using a smartphone or tablet:

  1. Are you at the Kennedy Center? Download the “Tour the Kennedy Center” app on your phone or tablet from the iOS or Android app store and start scanning at locations throughout the Center.
  2. Not at the KC? Not a problem! Try the virtual edition of the tour on your phone or tablet from anywhere else by scanning the code below or clicking the link. This version opens in your device’s native browser—no need to download an app.

For more info, visit:


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